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For digital & creative agencies, getting clients is one of the most time consuming tasks. Our POWER Executives help you never to worry about sales again. Scale without stress, focus on what you do best.

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Fundamentals anchor, building shapes, and scaling soars; each phase is a pillar of success.

Why start our program?

Building Your Base

In the first phase of our program, you’ll lay the groundwork for your journey. It’s all about discovering who you are, understanding your core values, and aligning your business and personal life with your unique identity. 

Strengthening the Structure

Once your foundation is solid, it’s time to strengthen the structure of your personal and business life. In this phase, you’ll explore business disciplines, transitioning from a self-employed professional to a business owner, and finding the ideal niche for scaling your business.

Reaching New Heights

Now, you’re ready to take your life and business to new heights. The third phase, Scaling, is all about growth, leadership, and impact. You’ll learn to lead your team effectively, recruit top sales professionals, and create unity within your organization. 

Streamlining Sales Success: A Tailored Approach for Digital & Creative Agencies

Our process in 3 simple steps

Get to know: Analysis and Strategy

At the outset, we dive deep into your digital or creative agency’s current offerings and sales procedures. Identifying bottlenecks is our priority. Together, we sketch out a roadmap tailored to your goals, ensuring a clear path to scalability and achievement of your monthly targets.

Talent Acquisition and Preparation

We kickstart the process by tapping into our extensive international network to handpick top talents in setting and closing deals. Crafting a dedicated team specific to your agency and its offerings follows suit. Our experts then fine-tune scripts, integrate cutting-edge tracking systems, and thoroughly prepare the team for a successful launch.

Efficient Launch and Sustainable Growth

Post-launch, our dedicated team leader conducts daily call reviews, monitors key performance indicators (KPIs), and conducts sales training sessions. This ensures consistent high performance and quality throughout the sales process. Moreover, we engage in weekly meetings with you to review comprehensive reports and set ambitious revenue targets, facilitating steady growth month after month.

Tap into the POWER of our In-House Academy:

they're not just Account
Executives; they're
POWER Executives.

With our Trifecta Approach, our closers and SDR's gain more than guidance; you acquire trusted partners dedicated to illuminating your path to greatness. Embrace the unparalleled expertise of our team and unlock the full potential of your company's future.